This is Google's Best Choice of Android Applications

Google announces the winners of the 2019 Play Award to celebrate the success of the widely wide-spread Android program and game.

This year's Play Award nomination includes nine other categories, and all of the programs are seen a hit in creating distinctive stories that might be loved via way of users.

Quoted from 9to5google , Monday (05/13/2019), a host of nominations have been selected immediately via way of varied inside Google groups . The winners get hold of the silver Play trophy, and are displayed on the Play Store page.

"We elect winners simply due to the fact they offer the greatest trip for users, make an effect of their communities, and increase the criteria of first-class content material on Google Play," Google stated in a statement.

Here are the winners of the nine categories:

1. Standout Well-Being App: Woebot dari Woebot Labs

2. Best Accessibility Experience: Envision AI dari Envision Technologies BV

3. Best Social Impact: Wisdo dari Wisdo LTE

4. Most Beautiful Game: Shadowgun Legends dari MADFINGER Games

5. Best Living Room Experience: Neverthink dari Neverthink

6. Most Inventive: Tick Tock dari Other Tales Interactive

7. Standout Build for Billions Experience: Canva dari Canva

8. Best Breakthrough App: Slowly dari Slowly Communications Ltd

9. Best Breakthrough Game: MARVEL Strike Force dari FoxNext Games

Google Maps AR Visit Pixel Devices

Outside of the Play Award, Google a host of days ago started releasing Augmented Reality (AR) technology on Maps companies for Pixel devices. This was announced immediately via way of a Google Maps account on Twitter.

Reported via way of  GSM Arena , Google has announced Maps with AR technology a yr ago, but at that point the manufacturer was no longer happy with its performance. The release of the Maps AR function for Pixel was held, after formerly being examined for Google Maps Local Guides in early February 2019.

So far there has been no news in regards to the presence of this AR function for non-Pixel devices.

As for AR technology, when the function is activated, the telephone will automatically entry the camera. Then, the environment will seem round the consumer such simply due to the fact the constructing and the folks in entrance of his cellphone. In addition, on the backside of the monitor there may be a Google map monitor as usual.

AR Features Provide Various Information
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Google illustration
This AR function will offer varied information, reminiscent of description of road names and direction arrows.

Before this AR function is used, Google warns that strolling and staring on the monitor simultaneously isn't a secure action. This is resulting from the threat of utilizing a  smartphone  whereas walking.

In addition, Google also emphasizes the use of the AR function will eat cell  guide intake  upper than utilizing Maps as usual. Likewise with battery life.

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