For these of you who're in search of the proper pc computer for the desires of middle-class multimedia and gaming, this ASUS A555L would possibly be correct for you.


In phrases of design, the ASUS A555L appears fairly elegant, even although the physique is filled with plastic, but ASUS managed to make the plastic fabric seem to be elegant.

for these of you who just like the colours red, yellow, black, blue, there are a few alternatives of the shade of the LCD cover, for the resistance part of the LCD cover, in my opinion, it be fairly strong even although the screen is slightly flexible.


For the proper port equipment:
- Optical disk drive
- 1 USB 2.0
- 1 SD card reader
- 1 audio combo jack

For the left port fittings:
- Charger port
- LAN port
- VGA port
- HDMI port
- 2 USB 3.0
- Kasington lock


For the workstation part here, in my opinion, it exudes an aura of elegance, for ride whilst typing in this laptop, I assume it be nice - it be nice to make use of vintage typing, but when it be used for gaming, the fill simply is never enough, well, pc computer rokumendasikan for multimedia simply is never for gaming.

For the screen panel, the ASUS A555L is nonetheless in HD solution and in addition makes use of the TN screen with out a matte coating at all, nicely for the screen truly genuinely standard.


For the performance of this pc computer within the mind with the Intel i5 5200U 2.2GHz as much as 2.7GHz matched with the Nvidia Geforce GT930M 2GB DDR3 photos card, the performance is for multimedia and for middle-class games.

For this pc computer storage, simply a 5400RPM 500GB difficult power is made, which appears to be now now not the primary difficult power for laptops of this size, for RAM memory, it purely has 4GB DDR3L RAM, that's actually very low.

For speaker performance, I assume it be lovely good, the sound is fairly detailed, however the sound simply is never too loud and the bass is relatively weak.


For the conclusion, in my opinion, this pc computer is correct for these of you who're nonetheless in university or university students, with a pale weight, purely 2.1 kg, and in addition the elements are fairly thin, making this pc computer can slot in a average bag.

For the warmth management problem, in my opinion the temperature is secure - simply safe, the temperature does now not attain 72 stages whilst complete load, but should you play the recreation for extra than 1 hour, it would possibly truly sense a little bit angled on the left part of the keyboard on the ideal of the keyboard. role of the exhaust gap within the again and do away with hot air in entrance of the screen.

For the durability of the battery, this pc computer lasts about 5 hours whilst utilizing pale and about 40 minutes whilst utilizing complete load.

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