While the ASUS ROG sequence laptops increasingly distinctive brands, ASUS doesn't desire to lose the market within the heart market, as you recognise that ASUS also has an FX sequence or access degree gaming series, however the FX sequence is all the time within the shadow of ROG, so many folks are bothering if the FX sequence is nonetheless a household with ROG, maintain in thoughts that folks do now not suppose so, so ASUS lastly gave the FX sequence the model "TUF" or stands for The Ultimate Force, which used to be TUF naming purely within the motherboard series. Ok, somewhat than this ado, the longer the pc computer is, the extra we're able to speak this time, the FX504GD.

Judging from the design, the form isn't a lot special from the FX503 series, the cloth is the same, nonetheless made from plastic that has a finishing brush, nice simply due to the fact this cloth is plastic but appears to be robust and solid, the difference that appears to be purely at the LCD disguise is extra aggressive than the FX503 and in addition from its thickness which appears to be barely thicker than the FX503 or ROG GL503 series, but for the identical weight simply due to the fact the FX503 or ROG GL503 series, it purely weighs about 2,3kg. Which in my opinion is fairly minus from this pc computer within the collection port, at the proper hand part there may be nothing but Kasington lock , at the left there may be a energy port, HDMI port, 1 USB 2.0.2 USB 3.0 , and Audio combo jack

. It is unlucky that the USB 3.1 form C port is absent in this laptop, even the SD card. For displays, the layout of this pc computer will use a WVA panel that's extra pleasing to the eye, but when the software was released yesterday, the unit nonetheless makes use of a TN form screen, hopefully utilizing the WVA panel, and the solution is absolutely Full HD 1920x1080 , but for shade accuracy and distinction is absolutely now not as nice as a pc computer with an eye fixed logo, well, the estimate is comparable to the FX503.

For the workstation enviornment a bit of different, in this pc computer a bit of extra accent equivalent to the past accent of the ROG strix (ROG GL502 & ROG GL553) even though it be an accent, but in my opinion the gaming aura arises in contrast to the FX503 series. Just like ASUS gaming laptops now, the energy button has been separated from the keyboard, and in addition the keyboard utilized by ASUS this time is fairly different, the place the emission of the backlit keyboard is a lot brighter and lightly distributed, perhaps if the MSI is silver lining print times, though the backlit bought isn't RGB, however the red backlit is beautiful cool and no lots less present. For the touchpad it be nothing special, simply equivalent to the FX503 and ROG GL503 series, nicely a minimum of it be enough.

Okehh we're now within the performance, proper the following the unit we're testing is the fundamental model or the lowest version, the processor makes use of 8300H gen8 Intel core i5 Coffie Lake with 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM, Hybrid Seagate Firecuda 1TB HDD and Nvidia GTX1050 4GB. Indeed, the Intel i5 gen 8 is nonetheless four cores and 8 threads, but i5 has supported hyper threading, turboboost as lots as 4Ghz, the performance is barely lots now not up to the 7700HQ I7 especially i5 7300HQ, whereas the GPU is nonetheless the identical as special laptops -sama makes use of GTX1050 4GB. Well for gaming it would now not have a lot effect, but for productivity, among i5 7300HQ and i5 8300H the difference is fairly far.  For sound performance it be nothing special, simply equivalent to the ASUS FX503, it isn't nice but it isn't bad either.

For the durability of the battery in my opinion proper the following is protected as a minus level in contrast to the FX503 or ROG GL503 series, attributable to its circumcision battery capacity, the FX503 sequence has a ability of 64Wh whereas the FX504 is circumcised to 48Wh, the lightest use is set 4-5 hours, whereas for gaming, a minimum of 1 hour is up. For the temperature, this pc computer makes use of a dual fan dual heatpipe system, though now not the ROG series, this pc computer nonetheless has an overboost characteristic which you simply possibly can use by way of the FN button, and the cooling is anti-dust or dust-proof. When you use the sport for about 3 hours, the temperature lasts round 70 levels Celsius and the keyboard enviornment would now not really sense hot or warm at all, so the temperature would now not matter.

For upgade options, this pc computer is handy with an empty M.2 SSD slot that already helps NvMe and in addition you possibly can fill it as lots as 512GB, for RAM you possibly too can fill it in an empty slot with a RAM ability of round 32GB in dual channel RAM configuration.

For its features, this pc computer has 7.1 channel audio from Dts Headphones and has supplied wifi with MU-MIMO, a characteristic that's fairly helpful for gaming desires so that your gaming ride is a lot extra comfortable. In conclusion, with the presence of this laptop, a minimum of for these of you who suppose ROG is simply too expensive, you nonetheless have an ASUS gaming pc computer possibility that isn't any lots less cool with branding, and in addition this Intel 8 generation i5 is fairly in a position to update Intel i5 7th generation of gaming and productivity activities.

There are a couple of editions of the ASUS TUF FX504 pc computer as below


For these of you who desire the pc computer to emit an aura of gaming, you possibly can elect with the Fusion design, this Fusion layout purely provides red strains round the LCD disguise and in addition the work area.

ASUS TUF FX504 Premium Steel Design

Or for these of you who do now not equivalent to the layout to be too crowded, you possibly can elect the Premium Steel layout that's extra calm, but when viewed to be comparable to the FX503 ... but yes, perhaps the FX504 Premium Steel sequence is show to update the FX503 series.

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