There are many complaints raised by past types of the ASUS ROG Strix user, now on the stop of 2017, ASUS launched the entry degree ROG sequence that was extra delicate than the past version, here is the ASUS ROG GL503VD.

We see in phrases of design, for design, totaly changes, there simply is rarely any unique taste of Strix. LCD conceal has also changed, now the brand is extra comparable to ROG Zephyrus, it appears identical to the LCD conceal brand like this may occasionally likely be a unique characteristic of ROG in 2018. Still identical to the past series, the cloth from LCD conceal is made up of aluminum which is finishing brush, it will possibly go away fingerprints, but to blank it, or no longer it is rarely as tough as plastic cloth dof. For the ROG logo on the LCD cover, now the pale simply is rarely as vibrant as within the past version, the pale could be stated to be vague, but when or no longer it's off, the ROG logo appears made up of chrome, but when became on, it proper now turns orange. For dimensions, comparable to gaming laptops that were circulating, this pc computer is ready 15.6 inches in sizeFor the weight, or no longer it's also lighter in contrast to the past ROG GL553V series, way to the removing of the optical drive, its weight is lighter, basically round 2.2 kg , and likewise the measurement is thin and feels solid. For the connectivity port on the proper there's Kasington lock, 2 USB 3.0.1 USB 3.1 Type C, and SD card reader . While on the left there's a Charger port, LAN port, Mini Display port, HDMI port, 2 USB 3.0 and 3.5mm Audio combo jack . If considered the port sold on this pc computer is way extra entire than the past series.

Now we talk the display, the display sold on this pc computer too could be stated to be perfect, this IPS variety display has 100 pc sRGB, or no longer it's vast for gambling games, for looking movies, editing, and a myriad of unique multimedia. For these of you who're extra blissful with competitive games, ASUS adds SCAR and HERO types that supply a display refresh fee above 60Hz. For viewing perspective problems, the IPS variety display doesn't ought to be requested anymore.

After discussing our display, now talk the workstation section, for the cloth used is nonetheless the comparable simply due to the fact the past version, which is plastic finishing brush, so it nonetheless appears premium. For these who used to bitch concerning the energy button challenge with the keyboard, now the button is fastened from the keyboard + also the ROG button and likewise the quantity button and mic. At the ideal of the core of the keyboard is an air ventilation, well, of course, its position is to make the cooling machine of this pc computer better. The keyboard is soft, however the important thing journey is short, no longer identical to the past version, if I assume or no longer it's utilized by the vintage typing, but to make use of the game, the in truth sense is much less noticeable. For the RGB keyboard, there's nothing unique from the past series. For the touchpad nothing special, nonetheless the comparable simply due to the fact the past series.

After discussing the workstation, we now talk the specifications, for the model that we got, which is the least expensive series, we're sold with an i7 quad core processor that's already mainstream within the Indonesian gaming pc computer market, there's 8GB DDR4 single channel RAM , Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 4gb GDDR5 , and 1TB hybrid HDD , the sold tough disk is unique from what is sold in unique gaming laptops, this pc computer makes use of SSHD that may cache the machine information and likewise the programs that we typically use, so alongside with usage, the software startup will likely be faster, adding booting up, in the event you happen to evaluate it with an SSD, the boot up velocity is extra or much less the same.

With the specifications recounted earlier, we will count on the performance to be extra or much less the comparable as these of pals who've comparable specs, in GTA 5 Very excessive settings we get fps round 48 fps, fairly satisfying.

For cooling performance, this pc computer now makes use of 2 fan blowers which might be comparable to the ROG GL502 which is higher than the ROG GL553 cooling machine which basically has a single fan, for temperatures when full load levels from 80 - 85 degrees, nonetheless pretty safe. The workstation also doesn't in truth sense hot, typical - or no longer it's simply normal, or no longer it's simply that, within the air flow gap discovered above the core of the keyboard, it tends to be hot, it appears here is as a result of the laptop's own cooling system, which I assume is unique by the higher and again lanes, whereas one fan throws away the air from the backside and back. in my opinion the cooling machine like this doesn't have a enormous impact on the temperature of the laptop, but or no longer it's basically unique.

For the performance of the battery, it was barely improved from the past version, within the past GL553 series, the battery basically ranged round 55Wh whereas within the GL503V sequence it was now 65Wh, the resistance was fairly good, when the use of pale was stable round 6 hours, it was fairly useful in dealing with and portability of this laptop. so besides the pale weight and the extra narrow dimensions, or no longer it's also supported by a battery that's fairly durable. The speaker performance is way higher than the GL553 or GL502 series, the stereo sound is ok, the bass could be good, the sound is clear, in my opinion the audio system are extra than my expectations, simply due to the fact my past expectations will likely be as easy simply due to the fact the GL553 series, nevertheless it seems also fastened by ASUS.

For the positive aspects sold on this laptop, needless to say there's a ROG Gaming Center that we will entry via the macro button that's already available, proper within the background, I was in truth surprised, at this price, there was an overclock characteristic identical to the G or GX series. even although or no longer it's overclocked here, basically the GPU does, yeah, simply due to the fact the Intel i7 7700HQ cannot be overclocked. Oh yeah, FYI, ASUS has overclocked the GPU just a bit out of the box, so its GPU performance simply is rarely the default performance of the GTX1050, in my opinion or no longer it's in truth cool, simply like this pc computer simply deals a magnificence overclock feature. Other positive aspects nonetheless exist, comparable to Fan boost, Splendid, First ROG Gaming IV, and Gamingcaster Xplit . But there's one other characteristic that makes me just a bit stunned again, specifically the presence of featuresSonic Audio III and Sonic Radar III , always this characteristic is on excessive stop laptops, the ROG. And there could be one other one, GPU Perf Limiter , it appears that this characteristic works to optimize GPU performance, but when I personally assume this characteristic is pretty useless, many of us who desire to get the optimum performance right, so what do you do on the restrict ... .. ??

In conclusion, in my opinion, this pc computer is in truth extra ideally suited in contrast to the past series, from complaints from customers within the past series, now or no longer it's in truth improved by ASUS on this newest series, for the fee offered, perhaps many of us say or no longer it's miles just a bit much less worthy it, but when in my opinion apart from the specifications, positive aspects and a myriad of unique small issues if added, the fee sold by this pc computer may be very worthy it.

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